Mac​/​Glidden : EP 1

by mac/glidden

(free) 05:56


released June 2, 2014

Tracks 1 & 2: written by Glidden-McCarthy
Track 3: written by Jagger/Richards ©1968

Produced by Mac/Glidden in Greenpoint, NY

Design by Thiago Cardoso


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



mac/glidden Brooklyn, New York

Haunting melodies, harmonies and acoustic guitar interplay are the staples of Andy Mac & Grant Glidden's folk-psychedelic pop music. They write, record and perform as a duo (and occasional full band) in Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: Politician
I've collected things from places you won't know
Cause there was never much demand for they showed
The men from whom I took them promised me they'd turn to gold
But when no one cared to notice... well, I still can't let them go

Could you be a politician?
Fascinated by humans and finding solutions...
No one cares at all for what you do
So why not just appreciate the view?

I swear loving ain't so easy, being me
But I know what I need to be

Disenchanted with my stones I turn for you
You're casting shadows round my universe with the things you love to do
I fall into the darkness hoping only for a clue
And sometimes I'm still too scared to close my eyes, but I'm starting to

Could you be a new-age guru?
Finding hope in the syntax and bringing it all back...
I might mess my life up here on out
There's always gonna be a bigger doubt

My love is tied to picture books and what-if-I's
So shed your love and come away...

Is your love alive behind the door?
Is your love alive behind that door?
Can your love survive behind the door?

My love lives a life inside, but my love opens the door
When I need to understand why I still love you anymore

I wanna be next to you
Whatever you make me do
I wanna be next to you, I do

I wanna be next to you
Whatever you make me do
Whatever you make me do, I do

I wanna be next to you
Whatever you put me through
I wanna be next to you, I do